Microsoft Office Basic

  • Texts and Tables Formatting
  • Indents and Tabs Control
  • Data Sorting and Filtering
  • Visualizing with Charts
  • Automating with Mail Merge
  • Animated Presentations

Microsoft Office Advanced

Microsoft Excel Advanced:

  • Multiple sheets
  • Calculations
  • Pivoting table

Microsoft Access:

  • Tables and Forms
  • Beginner SQL select statements

Programming Beginner (C++/Java)

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Control Statements
  • Managing Functions
  • Arrays and Structures

Web Design

  • Introduction to HTML, CSS and PHP
  • WordPress Basics
  • Designs and Layouts
  • Article and Page
  • Managements Assigning Templates

PC Maintenance

  • Introducing Computer Systems
  • Peripherals and Devices
  • Assembling and Disassembling PC
  • Setting Up Systems
  • Troubleshooting Basics

3D Design with Blender

  • 3D Fundamental Concepts Blender Interface Mesh Editing Basics Lighting and Materials Basic Animations and Effects

Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction to Raster Graphics
  • Photoshop Interface
  • Working with Pen Tools
  • Background Removal
  • Image Enhancing and Repair

AutoCAD (Beginner)

  • 3AutoCAD Interface
  • Basic Drawing
  • Showing Dimensions
  • Working with Layers
  • Grouping Blocks
  • Managing Paper-Space


  • Game Engine Concepts
  • Unity Interface-Managing Assets
  • Basic C++ Programming
  • 2D Game Creation with Sprites and Tilemaps